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Tree Care & Maintenance


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Tree Surgeon Yeovil: Professional Care for Your Trees

Our Tree Surgeon services are available in Yeovil and surrounding areas, catering to a diverse client base that includes both individual homeowners and commercial entities.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses tree removal, stump removal/stump grinding and various forms of tree maintenance such as pruning, topping, and thinning.

In the realm of tree care, our objective is to ensure the timely completion of arborist tasks, while simultaneously preserving the cleanliness and orderliness of your garden or property. We are committed to demonstrating respect for you, your property, and the vegetation it hosts.

We carefully listen and understand your requirements before recommending the most suitable approach. We focus on achieving a balance that takes into account personal tastes, the area’s aesthetics, the health of trees, conservation, safety, and legal aspects. This can be a simple conversation or a detailed tree survey.

For a free quote on our tree services in Yeovil, just fill out our contact form or call us at 01432610143. We’re here to help every day from 8 am to 9 pm.

Yeovil Tree Surgery (Domestic & Commercial )

Our specialty lies in offering first-rate tree services tailored to both commercial and residential needs, ensuring top-quality care in both domains.

If you have a challenging location where a tree needs removal, rest assured, it’s not an issue for us. Our expertise extends to safely and efficiently managing tree removal near buildings, on busy streets, or along footpaths. We excel in navigating tight spaces smoothly, ensuring the job is done without any inconvenience.

Whether you require ongoing tree maintenance or just a single stump removal, we are fully prepared to address all your tree surgery requirements throughout Yeovil.

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Stump grinder machine at work next to a freshly cut tree stump.

Yeovil Stump Removal

Once a tree has been cut down, the question of how to deal with the remaining stump comes up. Consider these reasons for utilizing our stump removal service:

Creating Room for New Projects: When you’re looking to construct new additions such as a shed, a driveway, or an extension to your house, tree stumps can become obstructions. By removing these stumps, you’ll gain more space for these projects and prevent any new tree growth that might lead to issues in the future.

Enhancing Garden Aesthetics: In gardens or yards, stumps can detract from the overall appearance, especially when they begin to sprout small shoots. Removing these stumps can significantly improve the look of your outdoor space.

We are equipped to evaluate both the size and the position of the stump to guarantee that the most effective removal methods are utilized.

Yeovil Hedge Trimming

We take great pride in offering  hedge trimming services, including pruning, and the reduction of branches.

We possess expertise in numerous types of hedges and trees. Recognizing that each task comes with unique challenges, varying widely in both scale and intricacy, is part of our approach. Catering to both commercial and residential customers, our trimming services are adept at managing projects regardless of their size.

If your hedges are obstructing pathways, covering windows, blocking views, or are too challenging to trim neatly without expert assistance, our services may be just what you need. Whatever the reason, our team is ready and equipped to provide help.

Close-up of hedge trimming in progress with a professional using a power trimmer.
Arborist conducting tree surveys in a forest, writing notes on a clipboard.

Yeovil Tree Survey Service

It is sometimes advisable to conduct a tree survey when contemplating significant tree surgery in Yeovil.

Local laws often necessitate a tree survey, particularly in situations involving landscape alterations or within conservation zones. This survey helps in detecting potential hazards like trees that might topple in storms or identifying diseases and pests that could infect nearby plants.

Our surveys can be necessary in various situations such as property development, buying land, and assessing environmental impacts. They play a crucial role in urban planning, ensuring that trees are maintained properly and do not pose risks to people or buildings.

A servery may be required if you are in a scinario of property development, land purchases, and evaluating environmental impacts, our surveys become essential. They are vital in urban planning, guaranteeing the appropriate maintenance of trees and ensuring they don’t present hazards to individuals or structures.

Providing Tree Surgery In Yeovil & Surrounding Areas

Our team provides its tree work throughout Yeovil. Skilled in tree health and safety, our experienced arborists deliver excellent care, encompassing tree cutting, pruning, and health evaluations. We serve both private and business clients in Yeovil with commitment and professionalism.

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For urgent tree emergencies, including storm damage and fallen trees, we offer 24/7 availability. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in your time of need at: 01935349350
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